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Getting to know: Alex 

City/State: Tacoma, Washington

Instagram: Hiiialexxx

"Our minds are a powerful thing, what we think, we become..."


What I love most about myself is my determination. When I set my mind to something I really want, I'll do it. Two years ago I told myself I wasn't going to drink alcohol anymore and I haven't. It's something that I honestly thought I'd never be able to do and I overcame that fear. "Our minds are a powerful thing, what we think, we become." It's a powerful thing when we accomplish something, a lot of people think you're crazy for doing.

 If I designed a pair of socks they would definitely be long, cozy, made of hemp and have some random colors. I love unique color patterns that might look crazy to some, but unique to me. Anything different always catches my eye.

I smile the most after a good workout. I feel empowered, beautiful, and unstoppable after I get my heart pumping and sweat dripping. There's nothing but positive vibes flowing after I get my workout on, nothing can bring me down.

My favorite outfit that brings out my confidence are some running shoes, workout leggings, and a sports bra.

I just want to tell the whole world to create their own happiness. There is nothing more important than you, yourself, and your happiness. You can be and do anything you want, remember that. Find your happiness in anything , as long as it's what you want. Don't listen to societies thoughts, just follow your own. The only person who has to live your life is you. When you find what makes you happy, hold on to it and never let go. If you are still searching, thats okay because at least you're seeking for it. Some just settle and never fully find out what their soul needs. ~Namaste beautiful people~

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