Published on Storyboard Wedding!

...Captivated by the beauty that is a woman in simple day to day life, her natural habitat if you will, shoots are done at the clients home, a place that offers them comfort & ease. The result is polarizing. To say its raw, isn’t quite right. To say its real, better defines it. Michael’s style & point of view allows the girls to simply be, not over sexualizing the situation, proving yet again that a girl sipping coffee in the morning in nothing but a sweatshirt & panties is the most gorgeous thing there is. What Michael has managed to do is take boudoir to a higher fashion level, stepping away from those that drip with lust crazed sex, yet sensual all the same. Any of these images could easily grace the pages of Nylon magazine today, in fact, I think they should…
— Jessica Poole of Storyboard Wedding