After our shoot, Shanna and I were able to kick back, relax and just talk about the whole process. I wanted to ask her a few questions, I'm really loving the images we've been making and wanted to get an inside look into our clients thoughts. Connecting with people and learning about them was always the goal. Take a look at Shanna's post shoot interview.

How do you feel, were you nervous? 
- I feel good! I was nervous because I haven’t met you before, but I was impressed with the work on your website. I liked the style. During the emails you were very professional.

Would you recommend a boudoir shoot to a friend?
- I would totally stand behind you as photographer, I know it wouldn’t be a waste of time for them ha-ha. I would definitely stand behind my decisions.

I really like the images we made today, I believe they really captured you. 
- Me too, I feel confident because of your reaction during the process. 

I showed you a lot of the photos as we were shooting. Did that make you feel more confident?
- No, not really. I’m pretty easy going ha-ha. You were very happy during the shoot with made me feel that we were in a good direction.
Ha! That's true. I think we nailed it.

Thinking back throughout the shoot, do you have a favourite portion?
- No, not really! I had fun throughout. I think the whole thing was really well done. I’m excited to see the photos. Each location our tones were different. You give great direction. When you needed to be more specific, you were more specific.

How did you feel shooting in your house?
- It’s so nice, being here is so comfortable. Everything is here, if there was something I needed it’s close by.

What’s your take on female empowerment and other peoples opinion.
- I don’t worry about other peoples opinions. I can’t worry about other people. I will never be able to fulfill my wishes. I don’t care if someone sees these images and questions why I took them. They’re for me. People are insecure about things.