When we spoke to Lisa, I could tell she had a great personality. Simply from the energy in her emails. She's a wonderful person and I'm really happy we were able to shoot and chat for a bit.
Take a look at the magic we made along with the words of encouragement she may provide if you're looking at booking a shoot with us!

Had did you feel during the shoot?
- I had a great time, I felt very comfortable, you were professional. I would shoot with you again.
That’s great to hear. i try to make the shoots fun and energetic, thank you so much.

Did you have a favourite part?
- I was all good, I liked it all! I think I liked the bathroom most of all, oh and the beginning in the kitchen!

Where you nervous?
- Yeah, of course. You’re always nervous at first, but with your mannerisms and your personality, you were able to calm me down.

When did you become un-nervous?
- I think when we started,  when we were looking out the outfits. You were really supportive of my suggestions, it made me feel at ease.

Do you think the video on my site helped your decision to book your shoot?
- Yes absolutely, 100%. You do great work the photos are tasteful. The branding is cute; it’s about being comfortable, being you. I really connected with that.

How did you feel about shooting in your house?
- Oh my god, it was perfect., I didn’t have to leave which is great. I feel comfortable here.

Did you think we were going to be able to get great shots in your home?
- Ha-ha. No! I was thinking “Where is he going to shoot” “We’re going to have to move this and move that”

Would you show anyone these photos?
- Oh Definitely, they’ll be on Facebook and on Instagram haha! My friends will be the first ones to see them, that’s for sure.

How would you pamper yourself for 1 day. No responsibilities.
- I would do some shopping, retail therapy is always good!

Any favourite stores?
- Guess! That’s my favourite.

Thanks so much for booking a shoot! Any last words for anyone on the fence?
- Don't be self conscience, it's a moment in your life you can look back on. Be proud of who you are.