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Getting to know: Brandi

City/State: San Diego, California

Instagram: Brandimillerxoxo

"I feel pretty confident when i have the whole evening look going..."

What do you like most about yourself?: Honestly I think my outgoing sense of humor and my love for nature, being outdoors and adventurous is something that I can say I LOVE about myself. It has helped me a lot when meeting new people and going to new places.. just having fun with everything you do and always keeping a smile on my face seems to be the key!

You have to design a pair of socks. What do your socks look like?: Hmm... i think id make a fun tropical and fun pair. Maybe getting a nice light blue base with pineapples all over them. Or Lime green with watermelon slices all over. DOPE SAUCEEEEE!

I smile the most when….: I meet new people. Never do i want to show them any sign of negativity or pick up any non friendly vibes. like i said im pretty outgoing so im usually all smiles!

What is your favorite thing to wear that makes you feel confident?: Honestly i feel pretty confident when i have the whole evening look going. A nice fitted but elegant little black dress with a nice pair of heels, minimum jewelry to keep it classy. Always been a fan of the night life look!

Any last words to empower the community?: Beauty is not what is on the outside but what is on the in. It shines brighter than any star. So love yourself for who YOU are.. and be your OWN star..

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