Boudoir Photography

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Boudoir Photography

Starting at $299 - Scroll Down For Details


We make women feel beautiful
by unlocking their confidence



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you're searching for the best

When you're looking for a photographer you Google search, then search some more. There are so many options and you have no clue what's good or what's bad. It's a total shot in the dark. You sit there and hope you're picking the best photographer to document yourself.

Imagine there was a photographer that took the time to get to know you? Our goal is to build a relationship first so you will feel comfortable during your boudoir session. Making you laugh and giving you tips are just the beginning. After all, that's the only way you'll be able to get those natural, unforced boudoir images you're after.

This doesn't have to be a fantasy. You can't just let ANYONE take your boudoir photo. It has to be someone creative, someone you trust, someone professional. You've found the right place. We do just that.


One Client Fits All

We've all seen this before... the "Wear His Dress Shirt Image". It has been recycled over and over. We're not sure how or where this started. Why should you have the same image as someone else? I've never met two people that were the same. You're an individual and your image should be exactly that--unique, just like you.

Main Stream Media

From magazines to movies we ALWAYS see one type of body frame to represent the majority. We absolutely hate that. Our doors are open to every confident woman, man or couple. We welcome skinny to plus size, because who cares what the media thinks, right?! We don't.

Uncomfortable Poses

Our clients love themselves (as they should) but more importantly they love being natural! Yes, we pose our clients. You are not left in the dark! We just want you to feel confident while posing. We never over-pose or over-direct. We want you to have fun and not be thinking "Am I Doing This Right?!" or "My Neck Really Hurts".


Contact us. Give us a date you have in mind or simply send us a hello to find out more information.

We'll have a consultation via Skype or In Person. Let's chat. We want to hear all about your ideas and start breaking the ice!

We come to you! Beforehand we'll chat and have another consultation to shake out those nerves. We collaborate on outfits and discuss shooting locations.


The editing process is where you can sit back and relax. We'll work our magic.


Within 2-3 weeks your images are delivered. You get to see the final product and you're ecstatic! You're smiling ear to ear and showing all your friends your images!


Lovely Images

  • Photos leave a legacy. To be able to document this portion of your life means these images will last forever.
  • Share your images with your family, significant other or friends. Most importantly do it for you. 
  • Your images can bring out emotions that words can't describe. We want you to see yourself in a way you never imagined.

Handcrafted Albums

  • A fine crafted keepsake of the best images from your shoot. 
  • An elegant book that proves how confident and bold you are. This is something that means more and more with time.

Professional Prints

  • Technology changes, but having a hardcopy of your images will always last.
  • Prints freeze time as memories fade. Naturally we forget events in our lives, but a printed photo will always make you stop to think.
  • Prints create connections. You may want to display your boudoir images in your home. Wonderful art always makes a connection and grabs the attention of others.

Socks and a Smile boudoir Photography
starting at $299