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Getting to know: Nicole

City/State: Brampton, Ontario

Instagram: Niixb

"We all have flaws...nobody is perfect"

My "Colgate" smile
My bubble butt
My tattoos
Are the things I like the most about myself :)

Knee high, light blue, with lots of yellow rubber duckies wearing sunglasses, would be my sock if I could design one.

When my husband tells me he loves me, it makes me smile.

Fun, colourful socks make me feel confident :)


We all have flaws...nobody is perfect. But doing a boudoir photoshoot with Socks and a Smile will make you realize just how beautiful you are! Now that I have done a shoot, I couldn't be happier because I had a blast and now have a bunch of great pictures to share with my husband... who is also grateful I did the shoot ;)